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Kiva is the premiere organization for providing loans via the concept of micro-lending for entrepreneurs around the globe.  The visibility of this concept was significantly enhanced through the story told by Noble Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus in his book “Banker To The Poor” - Micro-lending and the battle against world poverty.

The TBTG Foundation established a lending team as a member of Kiva called The Thanks Be To God Fund, to provide loans to businesses in Africa and other developing countries around the world. Over 1800 loans have been made.  The default rate on these loans is less than 5% and the loans are indeed providing entrepreneurs with the opportunity to increase their standard of living.   In addition, it is the commitment of the fund to utilize all monies repaid from the loans to make new loans or to finance other projects to improve the local standard of living.  You can contribute to our Kiva initiative by visiting Kiva’s website ( and joining our team.