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About TBTG Foundation

We are committed to helping children and social entrepreneurs thrive.

The TBTG Foundation was established in the late 1990’s by Dwight Smith.  Through his love of the Lord, he felt compelled to help others and share his blessings.  His focus quickly came to uplifting, inspiring  children to be their best selves and to enable individuals to pursue their dreams through entrepreneurship.

The Bible shares with us in Luke 12:48 - “For unto whomever much is given, of him shall much be required.” The foundation’s belief is that we should leverage our time, talents and other resources not for personal or worldly gains, but rather to glorify our Lord-from whom all blessings flow- and change the world we live in for good.

Areas of Focus

Changing the world

Supporting projects in Africa to provide clean water, school classrooms, technology and church planting.


Gaining access to education is key to success. TBTG scholarship fund available at Columbus State Community College.

Inspiring Children

Our initiative, My Special Word inspires children through positive words to be their best selves.


Through loans and investments, we provide opportunities for individual entrepreneurs and startups to gain momentum. Thanks Be To God Kiva team and TBTG Social Enterprise are key foundation initiatives.


Bridging the digital divide through donations of computers for those in need.


Kiva Loans


Start Ups Funded


Children Engaged


Computers Donated


The purpose of the TBTG Foundation is to support children around the world in becoming the wonderful people they are meant to be. In addition the foundation desires to support entrepreneurship, enabling individuals to pursue endeavors in business; become self sufficient and give back to the communities they serve. Learn more about our areas of focus below.